About CTI

The Columbus Tutoring Initiative (CTI) is a joint venture between Mission Columbus and Central Ohio Youth for Christ to provide in-school tutoring for elementary-age students whose reading skills fall below their grade level. The CTI works in partnership with churches and businesses to recruit tutors and volunteers willing to lead programs in their local schools.

Our Mission

To ensure that every child  is reading at grade level and acquires a love for reading by the end of the program.

Program Features

Each tutor works with an assigned student once a week from October through April during the school’s lunch period and recess (approximately 45 minutes). The tutors are provided individualized folders prepared by the student’s teacher.  These contain books, word lists, decoding and comprehension exercises that are appropriate for the student’s reading level. A volunteer coordinator is on site for each tutoring session.  An orientation session provides an overview of the tutoring process, the social and ethnic background of the students, and ways to develop a relationship with their student. All volunteers must submit to a background check.

Think you might be interested in serving as a tutor?  Take a look at our current programs.

Desired Outcomes

  • Each tutor has a caring, encouraging relationship with their student
  • Each volunteer successfully employs tutoring techniques
  • Each student gains proficiency in reading comprehension, fluency, the ability to decode unfamiliar words
  • Each student develops an expanded vocabulary
  • Each student gains confidence in their ability to read and to learn
  • Each student acquires a love for books and for reading
  • Each student is reading at grade level by the end of the school year
  • Each tutor has a rewarding experience and will desire to tutor in the future

Please check out the Volunteer page if you would like to join us in our mission!

Shape 100

Each program sees remarkable results at the end of tutoring. Some students are empowered to be self-learners. Others experience consistent care and attention, which enables them to thrive in school again.
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Volunteers work with students on reading and writing. All materials are provided at the partnering school so you can show up ready and hit the ground running.
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Small investment with a large result! Tutor one student, once a week, for 45 minutes, and see them grow.